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[Award News] Miracle AI Inc. Won One Best AI Proposal Awards at 2022 Data Station Competition

We are excited to share that Miracle AI has been selected as the top 10% among all AI startups and teams at the 2022 Data Station in Taiwan. Data Station, along with its counterpart, AIGO, is one of the largest AI competitions held by the Industrial Development Bureau together with Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.

Due to Miracle AI’s outstanding results, we are set to secure a contract with Taiwan Taxi Co. Ltd, the largest Taiwanese taxi company, founded in Sep 2005. Taiwan Taxi Co. serves around 350k customers daily through their taxi dispatching platform, receiving more than 120,000 hotlines per day. With taxi services that run more than 10k taxis around the island daily, Taiwan Taxi Co. are looking to utilize technology to build a matching platform of taxi dispatching. The intention is to involve humanity care in the operation all the time, while still maximizing performance. With the upcoming AI contract, Miracle AI will help them to build an AI App system for their taxi drivers to assist with customer management. By using AI prediction and recommendation system algorithms, taxi drivers can take more orders when they’re driving home. This will be a win-win situation for taxi drivers and their passengers, as the inclusion of new orders will assist with queue and order management, ultimately benefiting the clients. We can truly feel about how Taiwan Taxi Co. cares about not only its customers but also its employees. Miracle AI’s team strongly believes that we can devote our AI and technological abilities to achieve this universal outcome by the end of this year. More to come!


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