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[Award News] Miracle AI Inc. Won Two Best AI Proposal Awards at 2022 AIGO Competition

We are thrilled to announce that Miracle AI has won 2 Best AI Proposal Awards at the 2022 AIGO competition in Taiwan. the largest AI competition held by the Industrial Development Bureau, AIGO is in direct work with the Ministry of Economic Affairs in Taiwan.

As a result of these recognized awards, Miracle AI has signed 2 AI contracts with YFY Inc., the largest paper manufacturer and brand in Taiwan since 1924, and Ming Liu Group, Taiwan’s leading beauty industry group.

YFY’s mission is to become a sustainable provider for core paper-making industries and related business groups in finance, food, medical biotechnology, and education. Their products are applied across so many, and now with this collaboration with Miracle AI, our task is to now develop an AI system that is focused on accurate predictions for YFY's tissue paper brands’ future sales, as well as other areas. The result will have a great environmental impact with its ability to minimize waste, and stock level issues for the company and subsidiaries.

Ming Liu Group’s reputation of 200+ salons includes brands such as “Ming Liu," “ Joetsu,” “PS Hair Design,” and “AT Hair Design”. In recent years, Ming Liu Group has further ventured into the cosmetics field with their branch “Ming Li Biotech” and also into the aesthetic medicine industry such as “My Doctor Aesthetic Clinic.” In the business of beauty, they believe in continuous innovation and rejuvenation, focusing on a new pulse of energy into Taiwan's market and one day international. With the signed AI contract, Miracle AI will work with them to accurately segment and define their client profiles to automate profiling strategies in order to better assist their clients’ needs. This AI system build’s core function will be to AI clustering techniques with an innovative data science system.

By the end of this year, we will share more outcomes with you all. Stay tuned!


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